IBA: Structured Settlements for Corruption Offenses Towards Global Standards?

International Bar Association (IBA)'s Anti-Corruption Committee have published their report Structured Settlements for Corruption Offences Towards Global Standards?. Erling Grimstad was the Country Researcher for Norway.

In 2016, the Structured Criminal Settlements Subcommittee (SCSS) of the IBA Anti-Corruption Committee commenced a two-year project entitled, 'Towards Global Standards in Structured Settlements for Corruption Offenses.' The objective of this project was to map the evolving settlement practices for corruption cases of countries across the globe. The project hopes to add to the growing discussion on whether, and to what extent, there is a need for global standards. 

You can read the report here: Structured Settlements for Corruption Offences Towards Global Standards? (external link to IBA)

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