We prevent and detect financial crime

We assist our customers with investigations in the event of suspicion of objectionable conditions, and compliance with regulatory requirements such as measures against money laundering and corruption.


Not sure what actually happened?

The consequences of financial crime, violations of laws and other objectionable conditions can be devastating for a business. Sometimes investigations may be necessary to make the right decisions.

The investigation can help prevent and forestall similar incidents in the future and help the business make the right decisions. We are one of Norway's leading expertise environments in the field of investigation.

Anti-money laundering

Money laundering and terrorist financing are a major threat to society

Obliged entities must contribute to preventing and uncovering money laundering and terrorist financing. The risk exposure and the obligations for the companies are constantly changing.

We have extensive experience in assisting various obliged entities with challenges related to compliance with the money laundering regulations. We have comprehensive knowledge of regulatory obligations under Norwegian, Nordic, European and other international laws and regulations in the area. We regularly give training to board of directors, management and employees of our customers.


Listen to our podcast on financial crime

What is financial crime (corruption, fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing, etc.) and how can it be prevented and detected? In Økrimpodden we discuss this together with guests from, among others, ØKOKRIM, the Finanstilsynet, the Police Security Service (PST), civil society organisations, industry organizations and other experts.

Become an anti-money laundering expert with the AML app

With the AML app, employees in obliged entities are motivated and gain the necessary skills. Employees are, among other things, challenged to solve real scenarios they may experience in their everyday working life. The AML app provides thorough training in the money laundering regulations. The app is scalable and can be adapted to your business.