Corruption is a serious crime that undermines social and economic development in all part of the world. According to the United Nations, $ 1 trillion is paid in bribes every year, and an estimate of $ 2.6 trillion are stolen through corruption. 

Exposure to corruption will often lead to significant damage to a company's reputation. As a consequence, the business may lose customers and suffer major financial losses. In recent times, we have seen several examples of corruption scandals leading to the investigation and prosecution of businesses, top-level managers and employees - many whom are force to resign.

Private and public entities have a social responsibility to prevent corruption and bribery within their business. All businesses should establish an anti-corruption program to prevent, detect and report such activities, regardless of size and sector.

We have extensive experience when it comes to assisting businesses in their efforts to prevent and detect corruption and bribery. This includes both the development and implementation of anti-corruption programs and investigation where there is suspicions of corruption.


Through numerous assignments in different parts of the world, we have good knowledge on how to comply with national (Norwegian and other European jurisdictions) and international legislation, including the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act.

We assist businesses with services such as:

  • Develop and implement anti-corruption programs

  • Develop and implement code of conduct

  • Develop and implement other guidelines, procedures and policies regarding the prevention and detection of corruption and bribery

  • Conduct background check and Integrity Due Diligence (IDD) of agents, vendors, partners, affiliates, business associates and other third parties

  • Establish a compliance function within the business

  • Participate in anti corruption and bribery workshops and lectures to provide education for employees

  • Investigate suspicions of corruption

  • Secure electronically stored evidence



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